Unveiling Hogwarts’ Enrollment: The Mysterious Process of Finding Muggle-borns


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a place of magic and wonder, has been a central part of the beloved Harry Potter series. While the magical world within the books has captivated readers, there are aspects of its workings that were not fully explored in the main narrative. Among them is the intriguing process of how Hogwarts finds and invites Muggle-borns with magical abilities to attend the school. In this article, we delve into the enigmatic journey of Muggle-borns to Hogwarts, along with an explanation about the origin of certain supplemental information related to the subject.

The Process of Finding Muggle-borns: While the Harry Potter books do not explicitly detail the process of finding Muggle-borns, it is known that young witches and wizards, regardless of their magical lineage, receive acceptance letters to Hogwarts when they turn eleven years old. The letters are delivered by owls, heralding the start of an extraordinary journey for the young witches and wizards and their families.

The Welcoming Letters: Upon receiving their acceptance letters, the young witches and wizards become aware of their magical heritage and the existence of the wizarding world. The letters are filled with excitement and anticipation, extending an invitation to attend the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Representatives from the Ministry of Magic: For Muggle-borns, who may have no prior knowledge of the wizarding world, the acceptance letters are often accompanied by representatives from the Ministry of Magic. These representatives provide guidance, support, and explanations about the magical world, easing the transition for young witches and wizards and their families.

The Muggle-Born’s Journey to Hogwarts: As Muggle-borns prepare to embark on their magical journey, they experience the thrill and wonder of a world they never knew existed. The secrets of platform nine and three-quarters, the enchanted sorting hat, and the magic-filled halls of Hogwarts await them.

The Origin of “The Quill of Acceptance” and “The Book of Admittance”: The terms “The Quill of Acceptance” and “The Book of Admittance” are not directly referenced in the Harry Potter books. These specific details were derived from additional lore and supplemental material related to the series, including interviews with J.K. Rowling and information from Pottermore (now known as Wizarding World). It’s important to acknowledge that while these details are part of the extended lore, they are not directly addressed in the original book series.


The process of finding and inviting Muggle-borns to Hogwarts remains an intriguing aspect of the magical world created by J.K. Rowling. While the Harry Potter books captivated readers with their rich narrative, some aspects of Hogwarts’ enrollment were left to the readers’ imagination. The journey of Muggle-borns to Hogwarts stands as a testament to the inclusivity and diversity of the wizarding world, where young witches and wizards from all backgrounds have the opportunity to receive a magical education at the esteemed school. While certain supplemental information like “The Quill of Acceptance” and “The Book of Admittance” adds depth to the lore, it is important to recognize that some aspects of the magical world’s workings might remain shrouded in mystery, allowing readers to continue exploring and imagining the enchanting realm of Harry Potter.